January 9th 2019

The First Peoples House put on a beaded earring workshop. Elder in residence Barb Hlume lead the workshop. There were about 15 of us students who participated. Barb first asked us to pick 2-3 colours of beads, I was standing at the bucket of beads for a long time because I wasn’t sure which colours I wanted to work with. I am also a picky person, and didn’t want to pick just any two colours, I wanted to make sure they went together well. The two colours I went with were purple and gold. The type of earrings Barb taught us how to make were dangle/fringe earrings. For this we used size 11 seed beads and bugle beads.

It had taken me two whole hours (the duration of the workshop) to complete one side. I kept on having to ask Barb what to do next, once I finished the step she had taught me. The workshop ended and I only had one side completed, Barb allowed us to take home the materials we would need to finish the other side at home. I got home that evening and tried to work on the other side. but I couldn’t remember how to start it. So I put it away and waited until the following Wednesday to ask Barb to show me how to get it started so I could finish the pair.

I completed the pair. As a part of our teachings, I was always told that when you first make something or if it is your first time making something you always have to give your first make away. Usually you would give it to an elder but I chose to give it to my cousin Josephine. We have been going to school together for the past 4/5 years. We completed a two year language revitalization program and we are now both working toward our bachelor of education degree so we can become SENCOTEN immersion teachers at our immersion school out in WSANEC.


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