January 29th 2019

After being inspired, I went out and bought myself some beads. Which was a dangerous move haha. Because I like all the colour options at the two bead stores that I visited. I went to Beadworld and Victoria bead town designs. At Beadworld, they have a smaller selection of beads, and they are a bit more cheaper, they also have a punch card system, where every $10 you spend you get a hole punch in a line and if you get 10 hole punches you get $10 off your next purchase. Their packaging is different from the other store too, Beadworld uses small little baggies and sell the beads by 5 grams a bag. Victoria bead town designs uses little containers and has a huge selection of colours and they have a deal where if you spend $25 you get 20% off your purchase.

beads from Beadworld.
beads from Victoria bead town designs.


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