January 31st 2019

A few days later i had made three pairs of earrings made. When I started, I said that I would make earrings and then I would gift them to family and friends. I later realized if I continue to just give them away, it would get really expensive. Because beads can get a little pricey. So I said to myself after these three, I will start selling them. I gifted the first pair to my good friend Katia. We have been going to school together since January 2016, we have gotten close fast. The second pair i gifted to my cousin Nora, I call her a sister because she is a year younger than I am, so we grew up together. The third pair, I wasn’t too sure who to gift them to. But I decided to gift them to my moms partner.

The pair i gifted to Katia, this shade of blue and orange is the colours of the canoe club she paddles with in the Summer which is the Geronimo canoe club. It also happens to be my family’s canoe club on my moms side.
This pair I gifted to my cousin Nora. Because of the colours, she is my cousin from my moms side of the family.
This is my second pair that I have ever made and gifted to my moms partner.


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