January 18th 2019

When i saw podcasting was an option for a tech inquiry, I was a bit excited. Because I have done a podcast with CFUV 101.9fm which is UVic’s campus radio station. It was a summer job last year. I have seven episodes. The show was called WILNEW Radio, WILNEW is the SENCOTEN word meaning Indigenous. I decided to name my show that because the focus was all Indigenous content. I Interviewed Indigenous Musicians, artists, teacher, chefs, clothing designer, nurse and I also featured some of our SENCOTEN immersion students in one episode. A few of the topics were a story telling episode, SENCOTEN language revitalization, Indigenous plant knowledge, Indigenous people in different fields of work. I also got to play Indigenous music throughout the hour I was on air, but I had to edit the songs out when I uploaded to the podcast website because we didn’t have permission from the artists to upload to the internet. It was an awesome learning experience. I learned a bit on how to use Adobe audition. which is an audio editing program. I did a lot of editing on there because all my interviews were pre recorded. So I had to edit the content so it could fit within the hour time slot I had. Down below is a link to all seven episodes of my show.



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