January 24th 2019

I really enjoyed the topic from class today. It was about EdCamp, which is like a conference thing for teachers. There is no set schedule, the teachers make up the schedule as they go. They will give about ten options/themes to talk about and each teacher will have three dot stickers and choose their top three that they want to talk about with the group. If there is time, they can talk about all of them but in order from most popular to the least. We did a little one in class and the topics we chose from were mental health awareness, outdoor learning environments, dealing with parents, special ed, assessment, and there were a couple more but I forgot what they were. The one I chose was “dealing with parents” because that makes me nervous. Having to deal with an unhappy parent is a scary thought. I kind of wish we have talked about this topic more in other classes other than this tech class. The link below explains a bit more about what EdCamp is and it also has a video.



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