January 31st 2019

Today’s class was about instructional video to communicate and teach. I’m sure we all have used some form of instructional video. I know I have. There is a facebook page called “Tasty” and they post a bunch of recipe videos, it goes through the recipe and shows you how much ingredients you need to put in, how to prepare/cut, how long to cook for etc. I have followed a few of their videos because the food they made looked so delicious that i had to try it. There was one that was a roasted brussel sprouts recipe, they made it look so good that i wanted to try and up until then, I didn’t eat brussel sprouts. So i tried it and it. tasted. so. good! haha. I also have a few beading tutorials that i want to try on youtube, but i will have to wait until I have all the materials for that project. I think an instructional video/ slideshow would be good to make while you’re out on a field trip with your class. You can record and document the scenery, the activities you do, events that had taken place on the field trip etc. and put it in a slideshow to present the next day in class to help get your students discussing about what they have learned while on that field trip, or it can be used as writing prompts for journals etc.

In the link below is the “Tasty” youtube video of the roasted brussel sprouts that i tried. It is the first one in the video (the video featured four ways) They are so delicious.



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